Art Quilting Studio Publication of “Hear My Soul Speak”

Hear My Soul Speak

Hear My Soul Speak

I am thrilled to let everyone know that one of my art quilts “Hear My Soul Speak” will be featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Art Quilting Studio magazine by Stampington & Company.  It will be out on December 1, 2015.  Order it HERE.  Or pick it up at your local book store.  This magazine only comes out twice a year so it’s a wonderful honor to be included.

I was contacted by the editor back in June when she saw the quilt in my Etsy store (an online craft store) and she loved it.  This quilt is smaller than ones I usually do at 9” x 9” but it’s powerful and has heartwarming memories and feelings behind it.

It’s been an exciting and interesting process.  I sent in the quilt and then about a month later the magazine let me know that it had been chosen for publication.  After that I had to include a small write up about the process and the meaning to be included.  Then another 6 weeks for it to await its turn for its professional photo session.  The quilt arrived back home to me just yesterday in the same loving care that I sent it to them.  In October the magazine will be sending me a preview of the article for my final approval.   So that is it until the issue comes out in December.  But wow if quilts could talk…

So look for it in the Winter 2016 issue of Art Quilting Studio magazine by Stampington & Company!  I can barely contain myself.  Who knew?  Amazing surprises come in so many different directions.

Purchase of this art quilt comes with a signed copy of the magazine that it appears in, noted above.


Below are my included thoughts on this endearing quilt that i wrote for the magazine.

Sometimes the universe provides its own gifts to recognize the milestones of our human lives. One cold, snowy December day, I made my way to the Cincinnati, Ohio town square to glimpse the holiday lights. Strung like stars against the brittle backdrop of a black sky, they created a magical space—a cradle of warm enchantment within the ice and snow all around.

A bird landed on my shoulder. I opened my palm, and another landed there. My breathing grew as shallow as I could manage, and I stood entranced for some period of time that may have been seconds or centuries. I lack the words to express the feelings that coursed through me that day, but I have tried to capture them in my piece, Hear My Soul Speak, which I dedicate to “M.”

While I sewed it, the famous words of Chief Seattle echoed in my mind: “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.” The central character in the quilt captures that interconnection—a woman who is also part bird. She whispers to the creature before her, one with whom she feels the tight bond of sorority. It responds by brushing its tail feathers along the underside of her chin. She keeps her eyes closed—she must—and a silent tear lays upon her cheek. I leave it to others to understand within themselves whether she weeps in sadness or in joy.



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