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About me: 

My name is Lynn and I have been sewing for approximately 35 years.  I specialize in fiber art and quilt design, which serves as a singular opportunity for artistic expression, and my quilts have been featured at a variety of shows and events in different parts of the country. Currently some my work will be published in “Quilting Arts Studio Magazine”  in December 2015.  I also work with “Quilt Pattern Magazine”  testing and designing quilt patterns.  I have been teaching for many years and  I am  certified as a Sewing Educator by The Sewing & Craft Alliance, which is affiliated with the American Sewing Guild, of which I am also a member.


Custom Sewing Work: please also see the “Pricing of Custom Work” page

Have you ever considered ordering a custom made quilt? When you think about that what does it look like? What colors? What design? Is there clothing you have saved because they have special memories for you? A prom dress, a special anniversary dress, a wedding dress, clothing your children wore when they were babies. T-shirts you have been saving for years. All of these and more can be made into an heirloom quilt and cherished throughout your life and beyond. Perhaps it’s a quilt made with certain colors with added embellishments of photos printed on fabric or appliques. Each quilt is an individual custom creation.

Custom work is always more expensive then factory made items. However custom work will outlast cheap every time. My creations are lovingly made with the best materials I can find. These items are heirlooms that will live through many generations if given the proper care.

I do accept payment arrangements, and those need to be completed by the finish date of the piece.

50% deposit required on all custom work.

Free quotes always happily provided.


Lynn of “Little Doe Designs”.

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